Integration & Inclusion 

Social play and movement for ALL - no exceptions 

Street Racket puts a very strong focus on the promotion of integration & inclusion. The setup, the rules and the equipment are simple and yet the concept is very effective and versatile. This enables ANYONE to become an active part of the global Street Racket movement.

Street Racket courts can be made individually and free of costs and they are always very well accessible (e.g. for wheelchairs). And there are no obstacles at all as there are only a few lines on the ground, which makes moving around the court very safe and risk free (for example people with poor eye sight). The courts can also be altered in shape and size, depending on the players demands, so that everyone can enjoy fun and fulfilling hours spent on court.

The “Street Racket progression” (see health & exercise description) is a vital instrument to include ALL, for example people with a handicap or with deficits in motorskills. When these players manage be a part of the Street Racket family and successfully engage in social play, they will experience self confidence and happiness. Street Racket wants to create a very positive psychosocial effect for all the players.

With the grassroots approach and the barrier free access to the concept Street Racket also promotes life skills and most of the sustainable development goals SDGs. People and organizations who want to act socially responsible and promote these values will find a very useful tool when playing and supporting Street Racket.