Introducing Street Racket at the University of Cape Town

The world of sports connects people. Marcel Straub, inventor of Street Racket, met the sports coordinator at UCT, Kerr Rogers, during the student squash world championships in Egypt many years ago. Street Racket brought the two old friends together again in Cape Town. Rogers is a fan of Street Racket and he thinks it’s a wonderful concept not only for all the students and staff at UCT, but also for the many sport clubs to engage in extra healthy and social activities while promoting motorskill training.
The first Street Racket action at the magnificent campus at UCT took place during one of the biggest events of the calendar, orientation week before the start of the university year. Thousands of students and staff are present to learn about all the possibilities to engage in sporting or social activities during their time at UCT. Street Racket was set up outside the iconic Memorial Hall and the radio station present at the venue encouraged everyone to come and learn about this new movement game for all from Switzerland. We also explained the basics to some representatives of the various sports clubs so they can implement Street Racket in their own programs. We were supported by former squash professional Grant Isaacs, thank you very much.
As a second step we are planning to set up some permanent courts on the UCT campus so people can play Street Racket anytime they like, and they can get the playing equipment for free at some designated spots. As a highly frequented place a university campus is an ideal location to help promote health and activity for all. We can’t wait for the first courts to be painted at UCT.
We are also planning to get involved with UCT school of education as the teachers of tomorrow can play an important role in transporting the Street Racket visions throughout the country. Not only can Street Racket bring safe sporting action to all schools at all times but it also combines learning and movement. The concept and the many forms of activity include other subjects than (just) PE and can be used to teach maths and languages amongst other topics.
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