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Create your own Street Racket business

You will get all the support from headquarters in Switzerland as well as access to all teaching materials.
As a first step and to ensure the best quality to multiply the impact of Street Racket in a certain organization, network, area or country, each licensee needs to complete an official coaches certification workshop.
Our officially licensed partners benefit from a variety of advantages. You can use our entire concept and brand for your own purposes, deliver workshops to schools and sport clubs, work with federations, governments and foundations and build your own group of coaches and sub-licensees. Click below to explore the full spectrum of benefits and ideas.
License fees start at USD 300 per year and give partners permission of full use of the multi award-winning Swiss concept.

For further inquiries about becoming a licensed Street Racket partner, contact [email protected] 

Our licensed partners

Robert Steinböck

Tarek Francis

Anne Oldengarm

Tarek Francis

Nina Nittinger

Frercks Hartwig

Marc Thrill

Brian Barnett

Tony Phillips

Glenn Lazarus

John Lambrecht


Andreas Schreiber

Thierry Constantin

Carlos Caldeira

Rene Lewicki

David Senf