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The focus of Street Racket is set on ball control, long rallies and the promotion of motor skills. The concept was designed to work with only very few rules, to make it accessible and understandable for anyone instantly. The two key rules are: No downplay & No volley.

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Only a few but exciting court options – and endless game variations! Standard courts include the single court, the cross court, the wall court and the XL court. With those 4 courts, more than 500 games and excercise variations have been developed up to date.

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Street Racket - anyone, anywhere, anytime! The equipment is easy to use with a nice feel, durable, affordable for anyone and useful anytime. Our sets include rackets, balls, some chalk to draw your courts and excercise ideas - and you're ready to start! Our free APP complements your start into the Street Racket world.

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Check out our high quality P.E. and sport programs. They are easy to implement and we provide step-by-step lesson plans. Our extensive on-demand games library helps you to run exciting activity sessions that really work.

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Become a certified Street Racket coach by attending our in-person or online coach courses. Get to know the fundamentals to keep your students engaged. Bring the concept to your school, sport/youth organization or into your business.

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