Street Racket was designed to work with easy to use equipment for a very affordable price. This makes it accessible for anyone, anytime, anywhere. All you need is a racket, a ball and a piece of chalk.

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The original school set: 24 bats, 24 balls, chalk and rules

The original 2-player set  

The equipment was specially developed for the Street Racket concept. The set contains 2 rackets, 2 special balls, rule flyer and 3 pieces of chalk.
The rackets are made of wood and are branded with the logo. Practical carrying bag included.

Ball and racket

The ball: The official Street Racket ball was specifically designed for the best results and for feelings of success and quick progress. The ball is soft, has a diameter of approx. 7cm and is bouncing just the right way to go with the rackets and the court system. The official Street Racket equipment is ideally suited for the various game forms and has been intensively developed and tested with thousands of players. Among other things, a Street Racket ball should not be too small and not too light, so it's not too difficult to play on uneven grounds and is not affected too much by the wind. It is also important that the ball cannot cause any damage to people and the environment ! Also, it should not soak up moisture as the ball would get too heavy .

The racket: The wooden racket has a very nice feel to it and making contact with the ball is pleasant. The sound and the impact are both very soft.  The ball can be hit easily by everyone  from the very start. The light rackets have an enlarged face for a better hitting rate and the texture of the wood makes sure the racket / grip doesn't slip even with sweaty palms.

Our rackets can also be self made! A lot of schools that work with Street Racket are making Rackets with/for their kids. Find the official construction manual here!