A variety of workshops tailored to your needs


We organize highly effective and team-based workshops for teachers and students. Workshops for teachers focus on movement and motorskill development or on our award-winning learning-through-movement educational concept. A mixed workshop of both, closely related concepts, can also be arranged.

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Sports organizations

Street Racket is an ideal grassroot-level concept for all sorts of racket sports. But it also works for all kind of sport organizations to include extra training and movement options focusing on hand/eye coordination - it's easy to implement and motivating and fun for everyone involved! Bring more variety in your training lessons.

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Corporate health

Corporate health programs become ever more important. Support the well-being of your staff by offering motivating and team-building activities. No infrastructure, no maintenance, just play and enjoy! The activities are very safe and the intensity can reach from low-impact (playing in a suit to enjoy an active break) to breaking a sweat with a training session.

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Online curriculum

Check out our high quality P.E. and sport programs. They are easy to implement and we provide step-by-step lesson plans. Our extensive on-demand games library helps you to run exciting activity sessions that really work.

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Become a certified Street Racket coach by attending our in-person or online coach courses. Get to know the fundamentals to keep your students engaged. Bring the concept to your school, sport/youth organization or into your business.

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