The concept was designed to work with only very few rules, to make it accessible and understandable for anyone instantly!

The two key rules are: No downplay & No volley.

Those two rules are the heart  of the Street Racket concept. The focus of Street Racket is set on ball control, long rallies and the promoting of motor skills (hand eye coordination foremost). Street Racket is a game for everyone, including beginners WITH professionals, young WITH old, women WITH men. The concept therefore promotes INCLUSION and INTEGRATION. It's suited for all playing levels and age groups.

Please find further details below.

No downplay & No volley

Serve & return: You can play the ball directly out of your hand or after one bounce on the ground. The ball is then hit with the racket from the first square to the opposite side (over the middle zone into the third square). After leaving the racket, the ball must move in a upward motion or horizontally at least briefly. The faceoff is determined by lottery and the server can choose the desired side of the game. The winner of a rally has the right to serve in the subsequent rally. The winner of a set opens the following set. After each set played, the sides are changed.

Positioning: A player can stand wherever he likes during the rallies. There is only one exception: When serving (first shot of each rally) the player mustn't touch the middle section / middle square or the line thereof.

Valid point: Player A tries to score in the square of player B and vice versa. If the ball played by player A lands outside the target area /square of player B (and thus, for example, also in the middle zone), player B wins the point. The ball has to bounce on the floor / in the opponents' square once (and only once!) before it is played back (no direct hitting / volley!). Two consecutive bounces off the ground result in a mistake. If the ball touches the lines of a target zone, the ball is valid. For all shots / hits, the ball must first move upwards or horizontally after contact with the racket (no downplay / no smashing!). If the ball moves in a downward motion when changing directions (upon contact with the racket), the point is awarded to the opponent.​

Counting: The winner of a rally gets one point. The player who wins 11 points first wins the set. There is no extension at 10:10, each set ends at 11 points. Normally the game is played  "best of five", until one player has won three sets.

Note: Street Racket puts the focus mainly on cooperation before competition - and when played in groups the competition takes places as a team-challenge. Whichever team (or single player or pair) gets the longest rally / the most consecutive shots for any given exercises in a certain time frame wins  the challenge.