Street Racket at the South African Tennis Development Centre

During our first few weeks in this beautiful and changing country we were greeted with a lot of interest and encouragement. Apart from the set workshops with institutions like schools and social programs we scheduled a first workshop for anyone interested in learning about Street Racket. The South African Tennis Development Centre volunteered to host the event in the famous Sea Point district of Cape Town. Before the workshop we converted some of the tennis (hard) courts into many Street Racket courts. Tennis Courts are surprisingly wide spread in ZA, also at many schools, and we can create an abundance of playing opportunities by playing Street Racket. Instead of just 2 or maybe 4-8 players, the same surface can now accommodates up to 40 persons engaging in racket sports. Also, if drawn a little smaller than the standard 2x6 m size, Street Racket courts can be made within the doubles lines - so the single court can still be used for normal tennis practice while additional players enjoy Street Racket action literally on the side. The two hours session with lots of playing opportunities was enjoyed by more than 30 sports coaches, PE teachers and tennis experts as well as decision makers of the Western Cape government (sports development). One important goal towards sustainability of our concept was to find and motivate suited persons to become official Street Racket instructors. 4 such experts were found today and along with others that put their names down already and some still to join we will conduct an instructor training in a few weeks time. Once an instructor, these driven coaches will help to create a proper Street Racket movement in ZA and bring the concept to many communities, programs and schools! We hope and believe that especially the tennis clubs in the area with their wonderful outreach programs can create a lot of extra impact through Street Racket and this example can of course be followed by thousands of racket sports clubs around the globe …
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