Street Racket & ICF: Empowering Cambodians!

One of our last steps was the very uplifting visit to the fantastic ICF Campus in Siem Reap. Initiated and developed by charismatic Andy Strupler from Switzerland, ICF offers a variety of fun, social and healthy activities for all at the breathtaking venue, complete with a swimming lake and Ninja Warrior water park. The Street Racket team was met by the staff of the activity program to learn all about the endless possibilities of the Swiss movement concept.  

ICF Cambodia also boasts its own school and helps other surrounding schools in PE development. Some of the teachers were also present at the Street Racket workshop - to use the many activities for their partnering schools and thus increase the impact in Cambodia. The big event area, where on weekends more than 500 kids and teenagers come together, was the perfect setup for the Street Racket demonstration. Visit to view the amazing campus and program! Street Racket is open to all religions and wants to inspire everyone to be active. Thank you ICF for being open to our ideas and for the motivating afternoon. It was a pleasure to see all the work and dedication that is put in for the young!
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