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Street Racket activities are very accessible for all age groups and playing levels. The unique, controlled and steady rhythm of the game is ideal to combine games based on coordination and motorskills with cognitive content and learning. This 2-C approach (coordination & cognition) opens the door to many very positive effects for education.

We combine crosscurricular contents such as maths, language skills and common knowledge with fun and social activities, indoors and outdoors.

People are not made to sit around all day (especially kids), and ideally they also get up and move in regular intervals while studying or working.

The steady flow of oxygene enhances the quality of learning and performing. We are more awake, concentrated and motivated. The brain is much more functional and many more synapses are activated. Also, learning becomes fun and social, and in a playful environment little mistakes don’t hurt. While we are fully exposed as individuals in the classroom setting (and maybe even laughed at), the Street Racket educational exercises take place in a very friendly and positive setting, based on cooperation and companionship.

Working with chalk directly on the Street Racket play courts, a whole new world of didactics and methodology opens up.

You can add target areas and fill them with letters, numbers, colors, shapes or any other objects and start combining any learning (or teaching) material with fun activities.

Or you simply develop new ideas with fellow teachers, students, co-workers or friends to add some amazing brain-fitness to the movement games.