Health & Movement 

Healthy activity for anyone, anytime, anywhere 

Street Racket promotes fundamental motorskill development, focusing on hand/eye coordination. Thanks to the very effective and unique rules, Street Racket offers very long rallies paired with feelings of success, motivation and belonging. The rhythmic flow of the game guarantees fast progress and also efficient use of time; players can enjoy lots of activity instead of picking up balls, making mistakes and getting frustrated.

The “Street Racket progression” ensures that alle age groups and playing levels can be active in an interesting and challenging way, starting at the players’ individual current abilities. Young and/or inexperienced players or people with a handicap join the Street Racket games by using their hands only and by catching and throwing the ball according to the basic rules. In simple to follow steps the difficulty level can then be playfully increased.

The range of Street Racket exercises covers activities for beginners and pre-school level as well as highly intense and complex games for professional athletes. The intensity of the games as well as the number of players involved (individual training, 2 payer games, group drills for any even or uneven number and exercises for up to 32 players on a single Street Racket court) can be adapted very easily.

By drawing just a few lines on the ground (with chalk, paint, spray, duct tape or rubber sports markers) a sports ground where people come together in play can be created instantly, anywhere!

Control, cleverness and individual skills are the key to successful Street Racket action, it is not about hard hitting and strength. Street Racket can be played by adults WITH kids, boys WITH girls, beginners WITH professionals.

Street Racket has a great health enhancing effect in terms of prevention of a) cardiovascular diseases, b) accidents and c) myopia. People can be active everyday in a very safe and controlled way and get their regular workout at their doorsteps alone, with friends or family (a). By improving fundamental motorskills while playing people will be more competent about their movement and more balanced. This will help to reduce accidents caused by stumbling and falling (b). Digitalization and the recent pandemic have lead to more and more screen time, one of the main reasons for the rapid growth of myopia/shortsightedness. Our eyes do not move and adapt enough anymore and the muscles become weak. Experts urge people to play ball games the eyes can enjoy the change of perspective from near and far viewing to become strong again. Our long and rhythmic rallies offer this important training option anywhere and anytime (c).

As a very unique highlight Street Racket also presents the world’s only “team racket” with two handles. It serves as a great instrument for a broad range of new and different individual experiences with a racket and a ball, promoting ambidexterity and a creative element for motorskill development. But above all players can team up and enjoy the 3-C approach with the team racket: Cooperation, Communication & Coordination. By using the team racket in combination with the award winning court systems and rules Street Racket offers yet more very useful innovations to build competence in movement.